The stupid continues at a new pace.

I thought perhaps I’d seen the last really stupid thing to come out of New England for at least a week now that the second Jihadist is in the jug. I was wrong.

The people at Williams-Sonoma have taken truly stupid to a new level. They’ve pulled their pressure cookers off the shelves in the area of the Boston Marathon Bombing in order to be “sensitive.” I think that all electrical wiring should be pulled as well, and perhaps all toy cars (the battery in the bombs came from one) and backpacks. Heck, we should probably pull jackets, hats, denim pants, tennis shoes and underwear off the shelves as well because these subhuman scum were wearing those items as well.

And cell phones. Trigger device, it seems, and too dangerous for people to handle. Since we’re at it, I am pretty sure that if you used a couple of clamps and a really rugged stew pot or a crock pot, you might achieve the same level of pressure. And bungee cords! My heavens, you could really wrap a bomb up with those babies and up the pressure level. But they should wait until we pull duct tape – that stuff is known to be used in bomb making.

Variable yield assault crock pot

And B.B.s. And nails. And nuts and bolts. And ball bearings. And marbles. And … Well, I digress.

You see the point is, the object is not evil, the person that used it that way is the problem. I don’t think we’ll be in your kitchen anytime soon taking the serial number off your crock pot or pressure cooker. Nor will you have to register your rice cooker if it has pressure capabilities.

And that raises the question – If pressure cookers aren’t inherently dangerous in the right hands, what makes the government think that rifles and pistols are? I’m on day 20 of watching my high capacity magazines and so far they’re all sitting tight in their box. But they’re tricky: I heard they were talking to the spaghetti strainer about “a road trip.” Makes me nervous.

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