It’s called Jihad – and it is a war that is unholy.

Even after 11 years of an “active” Jihad on my homeland I’m amazed at how absolutely, blindingly, appallingly stupid the media is in this country.

I didn’t comment for the first few days after Boston because there was an outside chance that it was a violent Norwegian terror group that had set the bombs. (Sarc) It was pretty likely from the moment the devices went off that it was an Islamic group on Jihad that had detonated the devices.

We, the Christian world, have been at war with Islam since Mohammed and his 9 year old abused child bride wandered onto the scene. It will not end until Christ comes back. It’s that simple.

If you think that this all started with George Bush you’re close. It was actually another president, a guy named Thomas Jefferson, who first recognized our status with regard to the Islamic world.

Does this mean all Muslims are enemies? Nope, far from it. Thankfully most of them are about as observant as the average person who identifies themselves as Christian. They are not an active threat.

But we will be in this state of war until the end of time. These guys in Boston are not an anomaly. The were not “gone awry” or radicalized in some strange way. They lived in a culture that views this kind of violent, savage act as acceptable.

So for the rest of today spend a little time away from the media reading about Jihad on the internet. Just because we’re out of Iraq and leaving Afghanistan it doesn’t mean this battle is over. Try not to surrender any more of your liberty in hopes that it will “fix” the problem. It won’t. This war isn’t winding down. It’s just warming up.

Finally, my condolences and prayers to all who were injured or lost their lives this week in the Boston area. Stay strong, Boston. You are warriors and I’m counting on you to see this through. And to the Boston Police – take no chances, wipe out the vermin if confronted.

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