Seriously, the list of stupid is running off the page.

I’ve been watching the media babble on and off all day about Boston. Here are some observations that I simply must share:

Terrorists attending the same high school as Ben Affleck does not mean anything except Ben Affleck went to the same high school. I’d be willing to bet that in the past 20 years more convicted felons have graduated from the school than Hollywood stars – not that the categories are mutually exclusive.

The terrorists have won. They’ve tied up and shut down one of the largest cities in the United States. People are cowering behind their doors. I think this may be the dictionary definition of a successful terrorist action.

The press has decided that these two murderers couldn’t have done this on their own, too young. Really. Never heard of 18 through 26 year old males with experience blowing stuff up or using weapons in their lives… This is why people who never went through basic training shouldn’t be allowed on the air covering anything except floral shows.

Everyone on their tip-toes making sure they don’t say “Muslim” or “Islam” or “Jihad” in regard to this story. Again, let’s look for Norwegians. And Lutherans. And …

Scum reporters on live shots giving away the sniper positions on the nearby roof tops as the cops are deploying and getting ready to act. Thanks! Terrorists never turn on NBC so were not going to be giving anything away.

No terrorist attacks here since 9-11-2001. Really. I somehow missed that memo, as I remember Fort Hood, Times Square, Detroit (airline bomber), Chicago – well, actually the list is pretty long. But when you’re shining the apple for teacher you ignore the ugly facts and talk about how great our security system is. Fact is, almost all of the attacks that have been foiled have been foiled by citizens stopping the act.

“How could such nice kids have been radicalized?” I can’t even begin to mock this to the appropriate level. Dad was just on the television saying his sons had been framed. Maybe there’s a family ethic at work here.

And the list goes on. I’m turning it off in a bit to go and shave the dog.

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