Then There Was That Other Thing…

For those of you who have been along on this ride for a while, the next line is redundant. For the newcomers, it is safe to say that I have a busy life. In the past 17 days I signed a contract to record a new audio book, I put a novel in the hands of my editor for revisions, I have gardened almost daily, I have been working on a ghost-writing project, I have been taking care of a sick friend, I canned 6 different kinds of jam, I made reservations for a writers conference, I worked full-time at the day job, emceed a Memorial Day service for 1200 people, walked to work almost every day, annoyed hundreds on Facebook & Twitter, worked to organize my church’s mission trip to Haiti, and I agreed to coauthor a children’s book.

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Why? Because I’m happiest when I’m there’s something cooking. That drives my wife nuts, but this winter there was a period of enforced inactivity (relatively speaking) and it started to get to me. I got itchy. I fixed that with a trip the range, and after convincing myself that I am still the greatest shot in my household (Stormy can’t hit a barn with a pistol – no thumbs) I embarked on the current raft of activity.

The new children’s book will be co-authored by the most brilliant writer in the greater Buffalo area: my niece. She called me on Thursday and asked if I would write a book for people her age. I agreed, but only if she’ll help me write it. I need the help, she’s way smarter than I ever was, or will be. My niece and nephew are both great youngsters, and I am more in awe of them with each day. The elder of the pair is already able to deliver graduate level lectures on character development and plot as it relates to the Marvel Universe, and I have no doubt that his younger sibling will drag me along on the writing ride of my life.

Jane, I am so looking forward to our working together.

Now, If I can only get Stormy to put that pistol down…

“Who me?

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