Let Me Splain This Clearly

This post is for all of my friends who are distraught over families being separated at the border when they are captured breaking the law. Yes, illegal immigrants. The legal ones come in through ports of entry with documentation. Now that we’ve established the difference, we need to break another line out for you: if you show up with your whole family as a refugee on the border, and are here for economic purposes, you’re faking that as well. Especially if you’re from Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, etc. You had other countries in which to take refugee status on the way here. And, economic gain is not a reason for refugee status.

Now that we’ve eliminated about 99% percent of the people in focus here as having bad reasons, what about the 1% who are real refugees? They are unfortunately buried by the wave of others. Sometimes bad things happen, relatively speaking. But it’s not quite so awful as you might think, so read on… there is a price for everything in this world.

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All of this is because Donald Trump hates brown people, right? Wrong. It’s the law. Has been for years. But he’s especially harsh on foreigners because he’s a xenophobe. Right? Wrong. And I’ll tell you why.

Essentially the people in question are homeless persons with no place to stay while awaiting adjudication. What if a similarly homeless woman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was arrested for setting abandoned dumpsters on fire. Much like the silly argument that entering the country illegally hurts nobody, we now have a woman who has forced the police and fire department (like the Customs Border Patrol) to respond to the blazing dumpster. She has no address, she’s created a problem, and because you can’t just issue her a ticket and expect her to show up, you arrest her.

What about the kids? Well, some of my evangelical friends, and those on the left, think we should put them all up in the nearest Super 8 hotel and give them free waffles until we can hear the case and determine their fate. Uh, no. You put her in jail, and the kids in foster care if available. But what if you have 5,000 dumpster fires in Kenosha? Not that many foster care facilities. So you put the kids in a converted Walmart that has the facilities to care for them while 5,000 arsonists hang out in jail.

You see, putting children in correctional facilities with their parents is a bad idea. We used to do it in the previous centuries, and it led to horrible crimes against the children. This is for their protection. It’s also part of a straw-man argument that we face: it’s wrong to detain the parents because the children must be detained as well. Let’s not enforce this because it’s bad for the kids.

How about don’t drag your kids across the desert and break into my country in hopes that you will beat our laws and find a new life. How about you follow the immigration process, like everyone should, and then I’ll gladly welcome you in to become a citizen. Don’t want to be a citizen? Then I don’t really want you here. I want people around me that want to be my brother and sister Americans.

But back to the baby being torn from mom’s breast in the evil concentration camp. Not so much a real thing. Hyperbole. Maybe happened once or twice, but if you would like to see the irrational things people do when they are about to be put in custody, just watch three hours of Live PD on Saturday night.

It might change your frame of reference. I hope it does.

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