Not An Interview With Larry Timm Regarding “Murder For Emily’s Sake”

Several years ago I met Larry Timm at a writer’s conference. He was the other guy there. Seriously, it was mainly well dressed women. And Larry. We were both waiting for our chance to go and flop in front of … Continue reading

My Wife Says I’ve Got A Second Career Now.

Today’s big news is that I’ve been signed as an author with The Blythe Daniel Agency. Yes, I have an agent. Jessica Kirkland. I wont’ go through the whole journey from the first time I picked up a pencil in … Continue reading

Say a prayer for me today.

Big day for me, professionally. ¬†Thought I’d take a little break from Bobby, Omar, Mustapha, Brian, Colene, and Jeff and let you know what’s going on with my writing life. I started writing ¬†my first book less than two years … Continue reading