Ebola Is A Bigger Threat Than You Realize.

You can stop rolling your eyeballs right now. I actually have a considered argument that I have given great thought to in the past few months. Read the blog and then continue to roll your eyeballs all you like. But … Continue reading

Assault On Saint Agnes Update

In order to follow the “tortured author” script, I’m supposed to proclaim something here about the deep anguish I’ve been experiencing for the last month. Instead, I’m going to update you on the novel, Assault on Saint Agnes, and where … Continue reading

Secret Santa: Not For The Kids.

As many of you know, I spend way too much time thinking about horrible things. That’s what makes me worth reading. Today I wish to share some flash fiction with you. I’m sitting down to write it in one shot … Continue reading

Day Two Of A Week Of Prayer And Fasting.

If you’re tuning in for a blow-by-blow of my rumbling stomach, I’m going to have to dissapoint you. Consider the fact that a gigantic clod like me is only eating a simple meal once a day and running on fluids … Continue reading