Assault On Saint Agnes Update

In order to follow the “tortured author” script, I’m supposed to proclaim something here about the deep anguish I’ve been experiencing for the last month. Instead, I’m going to update you on the novel, Assault on Saint Agnes, and where … Continue reading

I’d Like A Cheesburger: Hold The Onions.

It’s not every day that I write one of these that I know will make my mother cry. So, in advance, Mom – it’s okay. Please follow me on Twitter, and “Like” the Facebook author page. Don’t forget to subscribe (the … Continue reading

Today’s topic is love.

I recently was given a gift of love that is unmatched in my life. Not the kind of romantic love that I share with my wife, nor is it the love that Christ gives me throughout the day. It isn’t … Continue reading

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Jennifer Bong is a best selling novel writer.

Ten years ago I started pursuing a career/new venture in doing voice-over work. As a part of that process I looked at lots of web sites and listened to dozens of voice artists. I realized that as a consumer I … Continue reading