Day Two Of A Week Of Prayer And Fasting.

If you’re tuning in for a blow-by-blow of my rumbling stomach, I’m going to have to dissapoint you. Consider the fact that a gigantic clod like me is only eating a simple meal once a day and running on fluids the rest of the 20 hours and it’s a given.

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Today’s blog is focused on some reflection I’ve done over the past year. I have not been able to go on a missions trip in 2014 and instead focused on meeting the nutritional needs of the homeless in my birth city. It has been very rewarding. I think the smile on my face says it all:

Overwhelmed with joy.

Overwhelmed with joy.

There is a part of my heart that loves travelling to Haiti, or Belize, or to whatever destination God puts out there, and doing His work. There is an equally large part of my heart that says to stay here and work with people in need that I pass on the street each day. I have been torn with the conflict and wondered how to resolve it with some kind of coherent thought process.

Whether you love her, or hate her, Ann Coulter always makes you think. She wrote an item a few weeks ago about Ebola and the missionaries that had contracted it while treating the victims.

Her question, and it’s a valid one, is whether or not we are narcissistic for “saving” people overseas when so many in this country need our help and witness. It made me stop and ponder the question once again and I’m a little closer to an answer. But not yet firm in my thinking: it will continue to evolve.

I will again go overseas on a missions trip. But I will also work here, in my home town, to provide that witness, evangelical message, and support to those in need. It means I have to work harder to raise that money next year, to take that trip and provide those meals, but God has been good to me in providing over the past few years. He has presented me with an opportunity to grow my income once again, and very soon I will share that with all of you. No, it’s not a pyramid scheme, and nobody wants your email list. But it will open doors for me and help me meet those goals I have in the missions field.

Each of us will have to answer the questions that Ann raises. She’s a smart-aleck with a sharp tongue, but she made me think hard on the topic. I appreciate that fact, and enjoy her style.

So my thanks go out to Ann Coulter for questioning my actions and plans. Now the question is, will she read my novel Assault On Saint Agnes for possible endorsement? It’s only fair, Ann: I just endorsed you.

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