Day Three Of A Week Of Prayer And Fasting.

I made it almost two days before I started going crazy. About four this afternoon, as a matter of fact.

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I guess my highly tuned physique wasn’t ready for an abrupt change in diet to simple, high-fiber foods. I usually subsist on a diet of bacon intermixed with caramel, hamburger, chips, and diet soda. The switch was… well, let’s just say that I did actually contemplate what would happen when the man who cleans my area came by to vacuum tomorrow and the walls of my cube were desecrated. Blown out, covered in bits of skin and flesh, just like Monty Python’s Mr. Creosote.

Yes, I did have a long evening of misery thinking about whether or not I’d survive. I have decided to moderate the fast tomorrow and eat at least 2 pounds of meat to offset the healthy stuff. I will only eat that one meal a day, and only during the hours I’d talked about, but I have to give my guts a break or I will not survive.

Back to the topic – well, there wasn’t one. But in the comments I have been asked about the book, Assault On Saint Agnes, and where you can buy it legally (bootleg copies are evidently available in Kazakhstan.) The answer will be forthcoming next week. Really. Honest. Dates of availability and the whole thing. That’s the plan.

Last but not least, there is a State Fair jam update: we didn’t win. Heck, we didn’t even place. The whole thing was rigged. I don’t know who got paid off, but one guy walked away with at least $20 in the end. Seriously, we did well. I got the score sheets for a couple of the products last night and the orange rhubarb got 90 out of 100 points. I was really pleased with that one. My tart cherry got 70+ points – hey, I like it more than that score. The hot cherry version didn’t get judged because there were so many entries that it wasn’t even ranked. Too bad, it was even better than the tart stuff.

Tomorrow I will be working on a top-secret project – fine, I’ll share that one next week as well. It’s pretty exciting.

Keep praying, keep working on your fast (I will, after I recover,) and count your blessings.

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Day Three Of A Week Of Prayer And Fasting. — 1 Comment

  1. Joe, years ago a pastor asked me “How do you live?” apparently because some had watched me and wondered. I said, “I live a fasted life.” “Fasted?” he queried. The end result was that I sent him a 3 page explanation of my fasted lifestyle. I can honestly report that had I never adopted a fasted lifestyle I doubt I’d be here now writing this! Doctors with their gloom and doom vanished in the light of our Father God’s love and the wisdom He graced me with through His Holy Spirit. Early on I dug deeply into the life Jesus lived: the how, where, why of it all. Mostly his answers or responses or reactions to people, places and/or events. To walk lockstep with the Holy Spirit became my focus, to hear Our Father became my dearest aim and to do what Jesus told us to do became my driving force. These remain paramount. God IS God and He will help us! I applaud you and other writers who are able to write from your hearts and assemble thoughts into books … God has blessed you all beyond measure!