Day Four Of A Week Of Prayer And Fasting.

Sometimes being a bit hungry can focus you. Our nation needs to be a bit hungry and get focused.

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We’re coming up to the anniversary of September 11, 2001. All I heard today was about some slimy football player who beats women. And the women who let slimy football players beat them. And then apologize for them.

Much as I abhor domestic violence, today’s a great day to focus on the real world. I have noticed, for decades, that the media machine presents us with many distractions to draw us away from the truly great issues facing us as a people. Today it’s a jerk in an elevator. Last week it was golf. Next week?

I hope next week it isn’t the horrific attack that some insane Jihadist group made against an American target.

It was just two years ago that Benghazi was attacked. Regardless of your current state of hero worship, I’d like to point out that this administration violated what I consider to be a sacred trust and abandoned the people on the ground to the hordes.

The attack in Benghazi went on for 13 hours. In that time you could easily have brought in armed drones, aircraft from Italy (it’s really close to Libya – go look at the map,) and started moving forces to rescue the Americans in Libya. Instead the president took a nap so he’d be fresh when he got to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. The Secretary of State? Well, what difference does it make at this point. (Her words…)

I am disgusted with our media for brushing this off over the past two years. The fact is that we may not have been able to save a single life in Libya even if we’d mobilized and gotten everyone ready to react. But since we sat on our hands, and our president was absent from the situation, we’ll never know.

Here’s an intel tip for the clown squad in the White House: Jihadists like anniversaries. And every other day as well. Perchance this would be a good week to have extra forces on standby to go to the Middle East? Embassies on heightened alert? Extra assets on the ground, either in uniform or plain clothes? Maybe even a dash of extra security at major facilities in our country that are vulnerable to attack would be in order.

No, instead I fear that we will get none of the above and so it will continue. Our feckless leader will ask, in prime time, for us to join in a coalition with Arab states to combat ISIS. We will talk about aid, training, perhaps even outreach to the Islamic world.

Let’s review history – yeah, that stuff is all a waste unless we have a leader who leads from the front.

But we’ve got “Back of the pack, Barack.”

Skip a meal, America. It’s time to be a little hungry. I hope I’m wrong, but the magic 8-ball says no.


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