Little white flying zombies attacking metroplex.

Yes, they are here.  Soon they will attempt to eat my brain.  Over the next five months they will build their forces relentlessly.  One by one they will occupy every open space, push under doorways that were slightly ajar or have bad weatherstripping.

They will try to steal our brains by means of freezing our flesh.  And only through wearing the appropriate armor and huddling with other besieged members of the tribe in the lee of the wind will we triumph over their onslaught.

Finally the forces of light will bring  a temporary fix in this northern clime, forcing longer days in between the little white zombies and my brain.  But like a Romero movie, it never lasts and they will be back before we even know the wheel has turned again.

My only hope is to sharpen the blades of my beloved snow blower and charge them with the engine roaring and the discharge chute aimed downwind.

Pray for all of us, for it has come at last –  Winter.

*(Then again, it’s supposed to be 50+ on Saturday, so the shorts and flip-flop look will be back in at the mall.)*


Got up early to attend Bible study tonight.  Shower, fresh clothes, hot coffee, smile on face… cancelled.

Needed that tank filled tonight, have to get it another way.  How do you spend your time when a worship event is cancelled?  I’m going to work on my alternative worship mode and do some writing.

After, that is, I rub Maisie’s nose… she is insisting that I leave the computer.


The roof over my head.

As I sit here in my living room, wife at my side, dogs at my feet, there is chaos afoot above me.  Yes, 18 years after it went up, the roof is coming down.  Last summer’s storms ripped off some of the shingles and I hit the powerball of home insurance – no matching material available, new roof required.

So, while I do technically have a roof over my head, it’s kind of threadbare.  But I’m grateful that God’s given me a warm place to live in a cold world.

Coworkers and other mammals.

Another thought has just occured to me:  coworkers are the most overlooked valuable resource we have.  They are targets for bounced thoughts, kind words and the sharing of bad food (well, that’s what the doctor calls it.)

Don’t overlook your coworkers as mere factotums.  They are God’s gift to you in the workplace.