Christmas in the sleigh – what’s on the radio.

I try very hard to keep in the proper frame of mind when I’m Santa. I listen only to Christmas music from the time I start getting ready until I shower off the days work. That includes right now listening to Elvis singing “O Little Town of Bethlehem” as I type. Yesterday I had three events, kind of a long day and lots of driving to get from place to place. I was doing well until I was on the way to the final event. Just a few blocks down the road from event #2 the song, “The Christmas Shoes” came on the radio. Awww, such a sweet and sentimental song. At least the first 2749 times you hear it come trickling out of the speakers. At that point it’s part of a plot to strip your mind of reason. It’s insidious lyrics were probably penned by Wo Fat. I popped the latch for the center console, reached in and grabbed a cd, and thrust it into the player. Within moments I was stress free, screeching metal tunes at the top of my lungs and not breaking policy. How is that possible? Well, head on over to Amazon and take a listen. Yes, probably the finest album in my Christmas collection. Sorry, but Amy Grant cannot cleanse The Christmas Shoes from my brain fast enough to save me. She is truly wonderful, and graces my MP3 player regularly, but she’s more calming than energizing. It has to be Dee Snyder.

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