Coworkers and other mammals.

Another thought has just occured to me:  coworkers are the most overlooked valuable resource we have.  They are targets for bounced thoughts, kind words and the sharing of bad food (well, that’s what the doctor calls it.)

Don’t overlook your coworkers as mere factotums.  They are God’s gift to you in the workplace.

So, the man with little to say starts running his yap.

It’s time for me to blog.  Almost every day I have some useless thing to blather about that somehow eludes me when I sit down later to actually put it to paper.  I can now spew nonsense from my phone.  And I will do just that as time permits.

I will do one post per week to begin.  Maybe more.  It all depends on how angry/happy/silly/vociferous I am on any given day.

In the meantime, thanks for dropping by.