I’m being stalked. By children.

I had a blessing today. I was at a new venue for a public appearance and things were a little slow. I was passing the time waiting for my next child to appear when the door opened and four familiar faces came in out of the cold.

At home with friends.

I recognized them immediately: they had taken their pictures with me at Midtown Global Market last year. What a happy coincidence that they were here at my new stop! But I was wrong: they’d sought me out.

It is very humbling to have people enjoy what you do to the extent that they check your website and search for your next appearance. It means a lot to me, and I am truly honored by the fact, that they wanted their girls Christmas photo to be with me, and not another Santa. They came today because with the flu going around they didn’t want to risk the children being sick when the time came to visit at “the usual place.”

It made me smile. And this has been a tough week for me on a personal level. I’ll go into that later in the week. But those four smiles and the general glee of little ones eating french fries with maple syrup (I may have to try it myself) and coming to see me made my day a lot brighter.

And, since you all do basically the same thing as that family, let me thank you for stopping by today and making my day brighter as a writer. (Yeah, it rhymes but it didn’t have to…just happened.) I am blessed to have you here.

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