Oh, But They’re Contained. It’s All Bush’s Fault. We Need To Just Show Love.

Tomorrow the first run of my book is leaving the printing plant. I wrote that book over the course of five years. It’s as true today as it was the day I put down the first paragraph. The lesson: The Jihad wishes to exterminate the western nations. The western nations must exterminate the Jihad. It’s that simple. Just ask the people of Belgium this morning.


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For the ones in the audience now who are angry that I’m not preaching love and Christ-like behavior during Holy Week, I’d like to say one thing: It says to turn the other cheek, not kneel down and let them lop off your head.

I try very hard to be like Jesus. It doesn’t work so well at times. Especially at times when innocents are slaughtered by barbarians from the 7th, 8th, 9th centuries. Barbarians who loathe Jesus and his followers. Barbarians who are committing genocide against followers of Jesus across the planet.

Today I’m telling you, straight out, that the only defense against these animals is for all of us to take up arms. I don’t think 7 year olds need to pack a Walther, but if you’re a responsible adult, and you have a weapon, you should be carrying it all the time.

This war, and it is a war, has already touched our shores. It’s not profiling if you see an Arab male with a bomb vest and you exterminate him. Anyone dumb enough to wear one as a Halloween costume deserves to die on the spot. Yeah, kind of harsh. So are pieces of your child’s skull ripping through your abdomen when the bomb goes off.

It is an existential fight. Realize it. Prepare for it. Deal with it. Fight it.

April 18 you can read how one character fights this battle on his own. I hate to shill like that, but it makes my point in the course of the narrative.

And to think that I thought the delay in publication might keep the book from being timely… It will continue to be relevant until the fight is over. That is nowhere in sight. The fools among us might blame George Bush, but this has been ongoing for a long time. Look it up. Our first coordinated response was The Crusades.

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Oh, But They’re Contained. It’s All Bush’s Fault. We Need To Just Show Love. — 3 Comments

  1. Spot on. God bless you, Joe. Political correctness and historical revisionism will be our undoing. May I also recommend an old history book called “The Arabs: A Narrative History from Mohammed to the Present” by Anthony Nutting? Every thinking/voting American should study the bloody history of Islam. It has been against the world and the west since its inception. It has nothing to do with American, Christian or Israeli provocation. “Mideast Beast” by Joel Richardson also for those looking for the prophetic role of Islam. Knowledge is power. And Jesus Christ is the only hope for a world lost in sin. Praying for the victims, their families and those in Islam who do not know Christ. Thank you.

  2. Amen.I am also terribly bothered by the Priest who will be crucified by ISIS on Good Friday.EVIL..a word I dont use lightly.