Time For A Bit Of Prayer.

I know this blog is often the source of amusing articles. At least when I steal someone else’s ideas or videos.

It’s been a dry hole this past week, as I’ve been busy doing the audio book, working at the widget factory, feeling ill (nothing major), and fighting lethargy.

With that in mind, I’m going for a spiritual boost. Not a cardboard saint, but sometimes we (this audience and the host) just need to pray.

Today I’d like you to pray for my friend Jane. Jane is in Florida undergoing radiation treatment in a specialized children’s hospital. She is a delightful young lady, and her family are not just good friends of mine, but her dad is like my brother. This young lady has been fighting her cancer with great tenacity, and her angels need some help. Please lift Jane up in prayer.

My friend R, who is working on her doctorate. She’s not just a fellow writer, a great woman, and a sailor. Nope, she’s working on a treatment for our fellow warriors who are fighting PTSD and other mental health problems. Breakthrough? I don’t know. But she’s an egghead and a creator of light in our world. If anyone can design a therapy regimen it’s this woman. Please pray for her tenacity, well-being, financial strength, and sense of belonging. It’s lonely on the front lines.

My friend Mike. Mike has been battling cancer for seven months. I give him a lot of crap about his place of birth – he’s from the Iron Range – but he’s a solid fellow who needs your prayers while he fights for his life.

My friend D and her husband. He’s back in the hospital after some serious stuff that resulted in peritonitis. I often think the sick person in the family has it easier than the caregiver. Keep her in your heart and in God’s ear while she fights this battle for her partner.

Pray for our nation. We are a great people. Not a racist people, not a misogynist people, not a greedy people. But we are a people divided, largely by our media, along those lines of sex, color, wealth, and other stupid things that don’t really matter to most of us.

Finally, I will pray for you, my readers. You keep me moving toward the goal line every day. I love you and appreciate your being here.

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