So, You Want To Be A Novelist…

That’s cool. I like being one as well. It’s fun.

First novel coming out in one month and two days. This month I’ve got to:

1. Go pick up first run at publisher. (My choice. I’d rather take the day and drive there and back versus paying shipping. Besides- ROADTRIP!!!11!!11!)
2. Get all the pre-publication hoopla ready. That would be tweets, Facebook posts, blog entries, giveaways, Goodreads, etc. Life is very busy.
3. Do my taxes. Even authors who haven’t made money at it yet (my $12.00 dollar earnings on a magazine bit don’t count toward a new tax bracket) have to file them.
4. Open a sales tax account.
5. Do the Amazon links.
6. Do my day job.
7. Work on the prequel.

8-44. A whole bunch of other stuff that will come up.

But if you want to be a writer, check out the link:

Best darned contest around. They are my publisher. I took second place a few years ago. Unreal coaching, great men and women, and a sense of where you are in the book process.

So get going. Click that link.

I’ll be back later this week with more. But it’s been a long, migraine day and I’m off to bed.

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