Sorry About The Misunderstanding.

I’m not very attentive to much of what happens on Facebook, I generally look at the pretty pictures and wander on to the next post about puppies or beheadings. (Yeah, seems to be the two top topics today. Weird, eh?)

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So you can imagine my surprise when I was told that I had the whole ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thing backwards.

The judge told me today, and my attorney concurs, that if I wrote a blog about the incident the charges would be dismissed and we could all move on to the next item in our lives. I’m good with that concept.

I was under the impression that you had to dump a bucket of ice water over the head of three people you’d challenged. Then they would do the same thing to three other people. If you got the chain going, ultimately dozens (if not hundreds) of drippy, shivering people would give money to a charity. It made perfect sense to me: you stay dry, tag three imbeciles who aren’t situationally aware, and then they try to get the next three.

I’d even done it the right way, made a video for Facebook, challenged the three vict…candidates to be aware of my approach and give them a chance to donate to ALS. Heck, I even did a professional voice over job on it with Lou Gherig as my background! lougherig

I didn’t realize that you were supposed to douse yourself and then challenge three other people to do the same. I’m still a bit mystified about that part of the thing: why would you soak yourself with ice water? But I digress.

It seems that the three people I challenged got wind of my posting and called the police. Seriously, I figured prominent politicians like those three would have a sense of humor and just make the donation rather than risk getting doused. The judge said the words I used were threatening. Not true: I don’t threaten – I promise.

In any event, they made me take the posting and video down as part of the plea arrangement. I have agreed to donate to the ALS foundation in memory of Lou Gherig, and if I don’t “threaten” any public figures for one year my record will be expunged.

All in all, couldn’t they have just sent me an email soliciting funds? Those attorney fees are steep.

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