You Might Want To Smooth Out Your Undies If They Have A Proclivity To Bunch

As this is written, the media and democrat party (I know, it’s redundant) are trying to destroy what’s left of Brett Kavanaugh. Today’s revelation is that he was at a bar where a fight broke out and he may have … Continue reading

Why The United States Is The Only Place I Want To Live.

For my overseas readers (which includes Canada, just miles north of here on a snowmobile) I would like you to take a gander at how we do things here on the election front. It’s not all nasty as the media … Continue reading

Sorry About The Misunderstanding.

I’m not very attentive to much of what happens on Facebook, I generally look at the pretty pictures and wander on to the next post about puppies or beheadings. (Yeah, seems to be the two top topics today. Weird, eh?) … Continue reading