Other Than The New Header, I Want To Chat About Stuff.

Seems that the blog is no longer the eye-catching mother of all inventions that I’d hoped it would be when I put it up a few years ago. Consequently we will be exploring some new headers over the next month or so. Today’s is a very lovely Kimber .45 on top of an Arabic Bible. Kind of like the way it looks, how about you?

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Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging…

Monday morning started at 05:30. That blasted alarm went off exactly as it should have, and Stormy and I got busy right out of the chute. She quietly went about her business and I got ready to hit the road. Once she’d finished fertilizing I set the alarm and headed for my first stop of the day.

Instead of taking the car I walked. 6.5 miles to be exact, but it was a glorious morning and at 0645 the traffic is pretty light. I made my way over to University Avenue and walked through the neighborhood known as Little Mekong. At 0715 the drug pushers, hookers, and general lay-abouts are not cluttering up the sidewalk. You see a lot of young men headed to manual labor jobs, a few business men waiting for the train, a bunch of older Asian women headed to their stores, and very few souls total.

It’s a great time to be on that street in that neighborhood: the pork is starting to simmer for lunch and the bakeries are busy turning out donuts and Bahn Bo. I have a major weakness for the stuff and it started me on the road to being ravenous.

Half way through my walk I arrived at stop #1. I was at a church to meet with the installer who was going to wire up our computer room. I’m not a member of the church, but it’s the place where I used to tutor kids. I’d built the computer room and put in the first internet system a few years ago. Today we upgraded. I’m pretty handy with wiring and working my way through small holes in thick walls. With my help it only took the installer about twice the time it normally would have taken him. By the time we were done, we were both covered in filth, plaster dust, boiler ash, and 60 year old dust and dirt from the ceilings we drilled through.

Normally this is not an issue. But now I was a stinky, dirty, large fellow walking past the State Capitol. Yup, looked like every other homeless dude in the neighborhood. I stopped at my beauty salon to make a hair appointment for my best friend – my beard. The receptionist actually gasped when I walked in the door. Then she recognized me. For that first split second I’m sure she was in fear for her life. Glad she couldn’t get to the panic button before she figured out it was me.

Perchance you remember my railing about my local McDonalds? Today proved, once again, why I have given them a few months off. I stopped in for a cone on the final leg of my journey. A dip cone, to be precise. The very nice woman behind the counter said no dip cones at that time. Okay. A regular cone would be acceptable. I’d just walked 6 miles and was a bit peckish.

I’m pretty sure the manager was crouching on top of the shake machine, because she sure swooped in at an acceleration of 9.8 m/second squared. She shrieked (yes, that is the appropriate word) “Who told you you could sell cones???!!!!” The nice woman behind the counter cringed and asked if I’d like something else. “Yes, my money back.”

Guess they need another month off.

After a brilliant, yet foot-sore, conclusion to my walk, I did the shower and lunch thing with my beautiful wife. That is a tale for another time. I’m still a little shaken from the flying monkeys pouring out of the castle windows.

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