High Noon For The Letter Noon.

There is a misconception in America among many Christians, especially my fellow evangelicals: we are a persecuted church. I beg to differ, and I hope you get your act together quickly. But first, a graphic:

The mark of death in Arab lands.

The mark of death in Arab lands.

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The graphic above is my personal whack at the jihadist scum and their sympathizers that run loose across the globe. The rather thick symbol that looks like a “U” with a dot in the middle is the Arabic letter Nun (pronounced “noon”) and you will find it drawn on homes, businesses, cars, and undoubtedly carved into the bodies of dead Christians. Yes, that’s what happens when you are a truly persecuted church. You are marked with symbols. I’m trying to remember the name of the last group that popularized that sort of thing, but all I can come up with is stars and mustaches. Wait! I remember now, the Nazi party made Jews wear yellow stars. History – ain’t it helpful?

The scribbles below the Nun are for Nasrani. That is the Arabic word, somewhat derogatory, for Christians. It indicates one who follows that fellow from Nazareth. Arab Christians self-identify as Missiahia – followers of the Messiah. But since Islam doesn’t believe Jesus was the Messiah, that isn’t very popular.

It’s a pain to spray paint it on the family home across the street, so the lazy swine just use the letter N to abbreviate. You see, true to the tenets of Islam (which means submit, not peace) Jews and Christians are allowed to exist only upon the sufferance of their rulers, the Muslims. In practice this means that you are given a chance to convert to Islam. Not an option? Okay, pay a tax on every penny you will ever see to the caliphate. Don’t like that one? Oops, out of options: you get the sword.

Yes, convert, taxed, dead. The progression for those fuzzy and wonderful guys who are running amok in Syria and Iraq. Did I mention that our president and his government are backing that bunch of haters against the Syrian government? Oh, yeah, we don’t talk about that much in our press.

Therefore, until I die, that will be on the upper part of the blog. It is a reminder that having people complain about your church bells, ban your cross from the public square, be rude to you, and all the other minor annoyances we face, are not persecution.

On the other hand, a government that forces you to pay for abortions, restricts your free speech within your own church, and indoctrinates your children that Christians are evil, isn’t far removed from the Jihadists that now control parts of Iraq and Syria. (Did I mention that we have backed them in the civil war there? I thought so.)

I am a Nazerine. I am a Christian. Got a problem with that? Tough.

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