A solid fork is the mark of a good restaurant.

I have relatively strong hands. It is my preference to “cut” most dishes with my fork versus a knife. This usually works up to about the “steak & thicker” level of foods. Thus, when I try to use a fork and it bends I’m a bit miffed.

Today I was out doing manly shopping at Fleet Farm & Cracker Barrel. Before you point fingers and laugh at me in a Nelson Muntzian fashion, I’ll beat you to it:  I shop at Fleet Farm because I eat too much at Cracker Barrel. Fat guy clothing isn’t cheap.

To my delight the cutlery was so substantial that I was able to divide my Country Fried Steak with just a fork. My knife saw no use.

This does not mean it was a gourmet meal. But it was tasty. And tomorrow I’m going to visit Mai Village for dinner as noted in a previous post. The Best Steak will be later this week. I contemplated them for today’s dining but I was out in the toolies to get to Fleet Farm and Cracker Barrel is literally just across the freeway from my destination.

I hope all of you have a blessed and wonderful Father’s Day. If your dad is around, give him a hug for me. Mine passed a few years ago. I’ll see him soon enough. He gets his hug then.

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