That Was A Long Time Coming.

I started writing again the other day. It was a long hiatus since shipping off the manuscript to the publishers last fall and my first serious work on the new book.

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Some authors sit down and just hammer out their work. They write and write until the pages are full and then they edit. I don’t do that in my world. I also don’t plot in detail on paper. I also don’t… I don’t know what I do or what to call it so that people understand.

I know what the book will do in the end. I was forced to put it on paper for a submission last fall, and so I’m able to point to that and say, “I intend to do the following…” Normally I just ponder it in my head. This time there’s some words on a computer outlining the plot in about 100 words.

The reality of it is that I sit and fantasize about what the characters will do. I write entire chapters in my head and file them for that magic moment when I sit down and start the book. Nothing firm, just a lot of brain cells with changes that I hope will index and regurgitate the good stuff.

The first chapter had been sitting around for months. Nothing beyond that was done. Santa took over. But yesterday I sat at they keyboard and started banging it out. Within minutes the characters came to life. The evil ones, the good ones, and all those seeking their path in life. Within seconds friendships formed and I could smell the air in the rooms where they met.

This is a gift from God. I don’t know how many people will ever read the book I’m currently writing. I don’t even really care at the moment. I do know that I’m curious as to how it will all work out when I’m done. Because I’ve learned that my plans go out the windows when I breathe life into the characters.

God had the same problem in the Garden of Eden. I trust Him to guide me in this work. If it ends as well as it has begun, I know it will rock.

Well, back to Prince and his family. Bobby has to talk to Jeff and Omar is getting a suntan. More than that would just spoil it for you.

Thanks for reading this blog. Now, what are you writing about?

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