The Dialectic Of Evil.

A question arose in the wake of my blog on Wednesday: How can you be a Christian and demean other believers (Islamic) for their faith?

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To be truthful, it put me in mind of the word dialectic. And when I think of dialectic, I think of communism and Marx.

When I think of communism and Marx, I think about useful idiots. And it seems to me that we’ve just exchanged one set of pro-communist useful idiots for another set of them who are pro-Islam/everything. Strangely enough, many of the idiots are the same people.

It may shock and horrify some of my readers to find out that I don’t think Jesus wants us all to be foolish sheep led to the slaughter. In fact, I think that one of the tenets of Christianity that is often misrepresented is that we must be preachers of the Word and cling to our faith – not abandon it in favor of political correctness.

This will, inevitably, lead you to a dialectical moment – Do I follow my faith and adhere to my principles, or do I cave in and pay lip service to the society and laws of men?

I am not widely renowned as a deep thinker and philosopher. More of a smart-aleck with a beard. I do, however, use my little noggin on occasion and this will be one of them. So, standby for what passes as profundity on this blog.

The primary difference in religious suasion employed by Islam and Christianity in the modern era is the use of violence. Christianity has eschewed violence as a model of conversion and argument unless it’s in self-defense. Islam has continued it’s centuries long tradition of conversion and punishment at the tip of the sword.

Christians can live their own lives and allow others around them to practice a different religion without an ethical dilemma. If you do not drink, you do not drink but do not expect others to follow your lead by legal imposition. If you choose to smoke and are not a Christian you can do so legally (let’s see how long the nanny-state lets that one slide.) If you wish to honor a pagan god and worship naked in your basement with a Star Trek phaser as your idol, go for it – the local Baptists don’t really care as long as you stay away from the windows.

Islam, on the other hand, will enforce the law via Sharia law and punish you for stepping outside of Islam. It is that simple.

In the Christian world, particularly so in The United States, we let just about anything slide as long as nobody pokes out an eye – we even let people kill babies in abortions. I think we’ve gone too far with the pendulum, but once again if you hold deep religious beliefs you simply don’t have to participate. In Islamic societies you don’t get that option.

So where does the dialectic come in? In our world moral relativism has taken hold and the argument is that there should be no argument – anything goes, all cultures are equal, all religions are valid, and all actions are acceptable. That’s the useful idiot’s stance. Sadly, the useful idiots will not be on the front lines defending the rest of us when they weaken our civilization to the point where barbaric sorts can take the helm and impose their will on the rest of us. The first to go, not in defense of our lifestyle and values but as victims, will be the useful idiots. They are known to bring down those around them and their behavior will brand them as heretics right out of the gate.

It is not wrong, it is not mean, it is not shallow or evil to point out that there is a profound difference in world view between Christianity and Islam. Yesterday I asked where the protests were from the “moderate” Islamic population. The answer is very simple – there is no moderate Islam. There is total adherence and there is laxity that will be punished if you call attention to yourself. Perhaps not in your household, perhaps not by your neighbors, but by millions of other adherents who will find you apostate for your lack of faith. Christianity will, at worst, kick you out of the church in America if you don’t hew the line – and that’s a pretty rare occurence outside of The Amish and a few other groups. When was the last time you heard of a Catholic or a Lutheran being shunned?

If you are a Muslim, the cost can be very high. It can be your life. And that’s why the silence is so deafening in the wake of any terrorist attack involving Islam.

It’s your choice how you want to handle it. But the question you will have to answer on Judgement Day is how closely you adhered to your profession of faith. Did you spread the Word, did you live the life Christ asked you to (working on it, not there by a long shot) or did you let it slide and condone evil and death in this world in hopes of avoiding attention.

That is the dialecic – to be or not to be…evil.

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