Religion Of Peace – Not So Much.

This weekend was just the most recent in a series of attacks against Christianity, freedom, the west, and anyone not devout enough in the long and bloody history of Islam. Before anybody rushes to pull the alarm near the door and label me, let me point out that I’m excluding many of the adherents of that faith from my diatribe.

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It is a reflexive action to say, “But Christianity had the Crusades!” or some other stupid thing that you learned in the 7th grade. The Crusades, just by the by, were a response to Islamic attacks on Christians. But why should facts intrude here?

I’m usually loathe to quote Facebook wisdom, but I saw a rarified gem there yesterday – It said, “Long before the United States existed and Israel was formed, Mohammed drove his armies across the known world to conquer, pillage, and convert others at the tip of the sword.” It is right on the money.

So, having laid out my nifty little bit of pith, I am going to point out, again, that the threat to the entire world at the hands of Islamic warriors is an ongoing thing. These are the people who find justice in attacking shoppers at a mall. Give that a moment’s thought before we move on – you don’t have to be in the military to be a valid target, you just have to be at Target.

The same group of enlightened adherents attacked a Christian church in Pakistan this weekend. They didn’t protest, they didn’t burn Bibles… well, maybe they did in the course of the attack. I guess when you blow down the church goers some Bibles will go up in smoke as well.

Did I mention the ongoing persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt? Or perchance the slaughter of Christians in Syria at the hands of Al Qaeda? Maybe my mind was fuzzed by the deaths in Nigeria when they burned down the churches with people inside of them and attacked the Christian school this summer.

It’s so terribly hard to remember which atrocity I’m most concerned with when dealing with the assault on our world by Islam. I mentioned that many adherents of that faith don’t participate in these attrocities – and that’s true. Like many Christians they are adherents in name only. Content to live a peaceful life on their own without donning a bomb vest or gunning down shoppers in a mall. But do they speak out regarding the atrocities? Do they protest against this “perversion” of their religion?

Not so much. And that’s the cautionary tale here. I can be as angry as I can muster but until each and every one of you start to think about the onslaught of violence, the murder of innocents, and the need to defend our way of life against Sharia law, we are doomed.

We will not survive if we do not recognize the threat. Wake up, America. It was a mall in Kenya this time around. But some of the attackers are rumored to have come from a neighborhood just five miles from where I write this blog. It’s a lot shorter trip to the Mall of America.

Are you awake yet?

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