So, I Was Going To Talk About NSA But You Get A Dog Story Instead — 4 Comments

  1. Joseph:
    We are all entitled to an opinion. You have a blog and you should be thankful that you have readers who are willing to read your column, comment and critique your work. After all, you want to publish books, correct? Why do you say that Sponsorship Sunday pushes my buttons? My comment on one of your Sundays was my opinion. Nothing more and nothing less.
    Keep those stories on Lassie coming. You can never loose with a dog!

    • Danny: You’re correct – I am blessed to have a blog with lots of readers who critique and comment. And everyone is entitled to their opinion of what I put up here. I do, however, reserve the right to not post all comments. Trust me, it’s best that way. Unless you want to buy shoddy merchandise, cheap NFL jerseys, pictures of women, drugs only a doctor could prescribe, etc.

      As to the buttons, perhaps I misread your previous comments. If so, I apologize.

      And, finally, you are 100% right that you can never go wrong with a great dog post.

  2. Such a nice story. Man’s best friend. Your dog stories are much better than most of what you post!

    • Ouch. Well, fickle crowd. But since I know it pushes your buttons, tomorrow is Sponsorship Sunday – hope you enjoy.