Tune In Monday – It’s The Marine Corps Birthday & I Have A Marine Officer As My Guest Blogger

That’s it. But there’s free stuff to be had. Yes, valued goods in celebration of his book launch. Now, seriously, does it get better than the annual Marine Corps Brawl (well, some of them turn out that way) and Birthday … Continue reading

Thank God It Was Depression And Not Jihad. What A Load…

For those of you who missed all the news coverage last week, another Islamic Jihadist took it upon himself to conduct a personal attack on the United States of America. This scumbag (his name isn’t worthy of my blog) wasn’t … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Marine Corps!

I salute all of those who are now serving, have honorably served in the past, or will honorably serve in the future in the United States Marine Corps. I hoist a tankard of ale from Tun’s Tavern to the “Shores … Continue reading