Thank God It Was Depression And Not Jihad. What A Load…

For those of you who missed all the news coverage last week, another Islamic Jihadist took it upon himself to conduct a personal attack on the United States of America. This scumbag (his name isn’t worthy of my blog) wasn’t quite up to the task and wound up getting killed after murdering five of my brothers in the Navy and Marine Corps. It was a terrorist act, done by a Muslim, against the armed forces of the United States. Like most really successful terrorist attacks it was conducted against victims who had no weapons.

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It’s okay, though: his family said he was depressed and confused. That makes it perfectly fine. His reading skills were evidently impaired as well by his overwhelming sadness. He missed the warning notice posted on the door, and a widely known federal law, that prohibits you from carrying a weapon on federal property. Naughty boy. The response, of course, is to say that we need to tighten down on the abundance of weapons available to pathetic losers like this one. I, on the other hand, have a different outlook to present.

Once again, I am calling for weapons to be available to members of the military at all times. Before your liberal head explodes, or you start screaming “Posse Comitatus” at the top of your lungs, get yourself educumateded or something. Seriously, who’s better equipped to carry a weapon than a trained military member? Posse Comitatus doesn’t prohibit military members from being armed, it just means they can’t do law enforcement duties. (Exceptions are made for National Guard and Coast Guard.)

That’s right: all the time. They know how to use them, and I’m not talking about arresting terrorists. I’m talking about killing them when they attack. Simple, no? Pull a weapon, scream Allahu Akbar, Seig Heil, Che Lives, or any other drivel of the sort and die on the spot. No pesky trial or nothin. Brutal? Any more so than shooting up guys in a recruiting office or out on the grounds of an installation? How about when some psychiatrist with a jihadi bent goes deep end? Bang. We get to shoot back.

We are at war. With Islam. I know that doesn’t sit well with some of you. Tough. Reality is reality. Wars only end when one side is defeated. Today is not the day we surrender. Islam, on the other hand, can end the war today by just stopping the attacks against us and we’ll all be cool again. This war has periodically flared since what’s-his-name (the guy you can’t draw cartoons of) cropped up in the desert and started converting people at the end of a sword. Only when pushed back into their box do they go quiet. Always to come back to the battlefield when they feel strong enough, but the death’s at least slow down for a time.

Mr. President: arm our military. Let them defend themselves. It’s overdue.

Just in case you think I’m bashing the current occupant of the White House, I thought it was a dumb idea to make us stand guard duty with no weapon when I served. Strangely, I never had to stand that post because I was out at sea with real weapons. But the powers that be decided that we should go from armed Marines guarding our complex to unarmed sailors with a bomb mirror. I vaguely remember being counselled for having a negative opinion when I pointed out what a stupid idea that was.

If you expect us to protect you, at least let us protect ourselves. Now. Not tomorrow. Now.

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