Baklava, snapshots, camouflage, and knit caps.

I was discussing Santa pricing with a friend/customer/business associate the other day and we both laughed about my process. I charge what I want when I want. BUT THAT’S NOT FAIR. Gee, really? I had noticed it but was afraid … Continue reading

Another fevered dream.

This flu is still kicking my backside as of this entry being written. For the last few nights I haven’t slept very well. Hard to breathe, gippy tummy, vivid dreams. Last night’s was a doozy, but it was an instructive … Continue reading

Bring in the dancing ushers!

It’s 11 hours until church. I’m already a little bit tingly over the prospect. What?  You think I might be a religious zealot? Au contraire, mon frère. I am zeaolous in my faith, but not like you might think. No, … Continue reading

So, about your church…

Most of us have been at the same church for a long time.  We join a church for a lot of reasons, the majority of them not really the best.  We join because it’s our parent’s church, it’s the church our wife … Continue reading