“Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.”

There’s more to that quote than I would like to even admit.  This morning as I was reviewing my horde of miserable scam/spam email I found one for a Biblical Aramaic course taught by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  On the internet.


O.K…. You’ve got my attention God. I was thinking about this YESTERDAY and here is the email.  Somehow it just reminded me of the Godfather quote in the title of this piece.

I never seem to get very far from the University doorstep.

The information is on the way.  I’m probably doomed simply because I’m excited about the possibilities of learning the language Jesus spoke.  I figure I need any edge I can get to get into heaven.  Perhaps being able to greet him in Aramaic will help. (I know, don’t go all seminarian on me, it’s by Grace alone… )

So, I’ll keep you posted.

Bobby’s Back… well, he’s not there yet, but he’ll be back!

The next book is on the way to the agent!

The next book is on the way to the agent!

It seems real when you have it bound up and set next to the Fedex box.

The book isn’t done, but it’s far enough along to submit to the agent. (And, yes, I sent a “loose” copy as well.  Just wanted the fellow to have options, dontcha know!

All the months of sweat, thought, dreams, research, (I know more about Fort Huachuca than I ever want to admit) and prayer are paying off.

It’s at the point that by May (if not sooner) I’ll have it done.  And, given the pace the last two weeks that may be by the end of March.

I’m having great fun writing, great fun dreaming, and great fun putting His words into the book. You can praise God and still have a great story. You just have to let him help you write it down.

Is the Christian fiction world ready for me? I guess we’ll find out pretty soon. I know one thing – I’m ready for the Christian fiction world!

Thanks to all of you who prayed for me yesterday.  It helped.

And, most of all, my thanks to my beloved wife, Kip, who stayed up all night editing. I really couldn’t do this without her.

Say a prayer for me today.

Big day for me, professionally.  Thought I’d take a little break from Bobby, Omar, Mustapha, Brian, Colene, and Jeff and let you know what’s going on with my writing life.

I started writing  my first book less than two years ago.  I wrote  it for my wife for a birthday present. I had a story I simply needed to tell someone. I was moved by events in my life and the lives of those around me, and I really feel that it was inspired by God. Continue reading