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Many of you read the recent review of my friend Brandy Vallance‘s book, Within the Veil. I’ve known her for more than a year or three, and have had some great conversations with her on chat sessions, the phone, and in person. Not just brilliant, but lovely and funny as well. Every bit as cool as her books. Did I mention she wrote The Covered Deep?

For some reason she took pity on me and did an extended Google Hangouts livestream on Monday night. Monday was interesting, well, more like confusing. Let me detail it just a bit before I roll the video.

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The day started early with an appointment at the VA Hospital. Nothing bad, but it’s a drag over there. I came home and wrote for a while and then did the grocery thing. I knew my livestream was at 5:30, but I also had a concert to attend at 7:00 on the far side of the Twin Cities. Obviously I did what any author would do: I got there an hour and a half early, camped in Starbucks, and wrote until the video.

Monday was also a severe storm day in Minnesota. Consequently, about 8 minutes into the livestream my phone erupted with severe weather alerts, emergency texts about the weather, and texts that the concert was cancelled. My poor phone ceased functioning within seconds, as the nanny-state technology demanded that it take over the device to let me know it was going to storm. Really? I’ve lived here 50 of my years and I think I can tell when Dorothy and her dog are going to fly by in the twister.

I turned the phone off to clear it’s jammed sensors, got out my tablet (which won’t get bogged down with all of those alerts) and hooked in to the wifi. Brandy and I tried again. The result is 52 minutes of video that bogs a bit here and there but the audio is good. Best of all, you get to meet Brandy. She’s worth it by herself, but we also had a great conversation about writing and our pasts.

I hope you enjoy it. I know I did. By the way, drop by her Facebook page and hit the like button. Mine as well, since you’re over there already. Finally, to those of you who have read either of our books (three between us), please take a moment right now and review them on Amazon. We’re kind of begging. Yes, I’m that guy – the one who needs more reviews. They’re like crack, or chocolate chip cookies: never enough good ones.

Without further ado, the video.

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