Move Along, Nothing To See Here. Islam Is Cool. It’s Those Christian Gun Nuts You Have To Worry About.

I’m pleased to report that none of my weapons have killed anyone today, not even the axe or the very sharp knives in the drawer. You’d think that they just randomly hop out of the safe, check to make sure I’m still a conservative Christian, and then proceed to hurt people when you listen to the losers on the television. Some of those weapons are way behind on their quota since I’m a Life Member of the National Rifle Association. Oh, and I don’t let children play with my weapons, leave them where the dog might shoot me, or drink and shoot.

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However, the death cult known as Islam has once again trotted out it’s broadly diverse ideology and killed a whole bunch of people in Orlando. They didn’t even bake a cake for their victims. I guess they left it out in the rain.

Mind you, it’s thrown the media into a tailspin: do we protect Islam, or mourn the other minority in the bar? *(It was actually a two-fer for those counting, and a major part of the grievance industry is counting. It was Latin night at the local Gay bar. You have to get up early to make sure you feel badly about which minority group was worse off. I’m not counting here when there was an act of terrorism against innocent victims: they were murdered by a terrorist. But I’m sure MSNBC will have it all sorted out soon.)*

Me? I’m fine with gay bars, Latin music/people (sorry if that leaves out anyone who self-identifies as something of a mix here) and the right to bear arms. I’m not okay with the President pushing gun control over a terrorist act. I wonder about That guy.

The shooter on Sunday morning was a fellow who’d cropped up twice before in terrorism investigations. He worked as a security guard, and thus flew under some color of authority (that’s a legal term, not a racial remark.) He called the 911 dispatcher and wanted to make sure ISIS got the credit. But it wasn’t an Islamic terrorist attack, so don’t jump to that conclusion.

Meanwhile, back in the real universe, I’d like to point out that a room full of unarmed victims makes for a tempting target. You don’t see much of this at a gun show, or pistol range (with the tragic exception of Chris Kyle) as all those armed people tend to shoot back rather promptly.

It’s pretty clear that the gubmint isn’t really capable of protecting us with the current catch-and-release program for terrorism suspects. (Yes, I have read the Constitution. Just seems we keep seeing the same pattern over and over and nothing much changes.) Perchance, just maybe, a few more weapons in the hands of trained individuals of a less virulent social system than Islam might make a difference some time down the road.

Then again, what do I know…. yeah. I know Islam. That putrid stench that throws gay people off rooftops, blames women for their rape, and perpetuates a social construct where doubting their system results in your death.

Other than that, I’m just another extremist.

Excuse me, I have to go check my gun safe and make sure those silly revolvers aren’t plotting anything.
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