Hillary Clinton Needs To Be Imprisoned For Breaking National Security Laws.

Here’s a news flash: It’s a gold-plated bitch to improperly classify material unless you originate it yourself. It is impossible to strip out the classification codes without a lot of work. It has to be done on purpose.

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Furthermore, “The smartest woman in the world” is full-on lying about this, parsing her phrases just like her slimy husband. Having handled classified materials for 4 years, I am very familiar with how it reads. It ain’t the Minneapolis Pogo-Herald. It smacks of stuff that you can’t miss. It is clearly classified. It sets off alarm bells.

I can state, without any doubt, that Hillary Clinton, or her minions upon her direction, set up a system to remove all the codewards and classification information so that she could put it on her personal system. The one that couldn’t be subpoena bait. The one she could slick at will. The one she could deny. The one she set up in a conspiratorial effort to evade records requirements.

If, as a member of the Navy, I’d done this, I’m sure that all of my personal communications would be confiscated, all my computers, books, note pads, and my memory. That they’d lock in a jail cell and never let it out. The memory in my head, that is.

This isn’t a few memos. This is a massive disaster that allows dozens of nations to know exactly what our intelligence community can do. And who’s doing what to help us. And how they can avoid it.

She will cost us more lives with this than in Benghazi.

She is evil. She lies. She should be arrested this instant.Trust me: if I did it I wouldn’t even get a single phone call. That’s how deep the hole needs to be.

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