Donald Trump Is My Hero. (Eat That, Twitter #trump)

Let’s get this going: I like the way the debate ran last week. I think Fox did it right. I like Megyn Kelly. I am amused by Donald Trump. I admire Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and still have reservations about the rest of the herd.

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Quit screaming. Yes, you. I heard you. I am neither an imbecile or a corporate republican.

The simple fact is that Fox doubled the tune-in to a debate 16 months before the election. Doubled. That means that someone other than political junkies like me actually tuned in and watched what happened.

I enjoyed the fact that Fox put on a good show. It was fast paced, didn’t allow a lot of bloviating and nonsense like we’ve seen in previous debates. It also showed some candidates not being worshiped early on. That’s pretty rare. Looking at their blemishes will help thin the herd.

Megyn. Well, I enjoy her most of the time. She’s mean on occasion – that is what I want. Did she do a racy interview with Howard Stern a while back. Yes. So? Her points were still valid. Yes, her sweater picture on the internet is borderline porn. Thank goodness there’s at least one smart, sexy, spirited woman in the world beside my wife. She’d be so alone if not for Megyn. (To those of you obsessing over Megyn and her treatment of Trump, I’d advise getting over it. Ratings, people. What have you been talking about this week?)

The Donald. I think he’s a boor. I never enjoyed him in his shows, my tolerance for him is slightly less than I have for ionizing radiation. But he’s actually right on a wide range of topics. He doesn’t plan on being president. He does plan on shaking things up and having fun. He’ll be back later on television. No publicity is bad publicity.

In the meantime, he’s making all the stiffs nervous. Very nervous. He’s forcing the rest of the field to come out from under their rocks and address the topics we all (conservatives and Joe-lunch-pail’s) want to talk about but are told “you don’t win elections with that topic.” I think that’s changed for the moment. Example: I may have missed one in the hubbub, but seemed to me everyone on the stage for the late debate came out pro-life. Strongly. Even Donald. Some are complaining that that’s a new position for him. So? I kind of vaguely remember being wrong about a lot of things earlier in my life and coming around on them. Good for you, Donald.

I hope he doesn’t do the third party thing if he gets hammered in the early going. His role as the loose cannon is wonderful. I can now identify people who don’t have my fetish for political stuff by their reactions to him. Doesn’t make them horrible people, but it does tell me how closely they pay attention, and whether or not they merely share Facebook posts or actually learn about the subject matter.

I will now retire to the couch where Stormy is waiting. I do believe we have some excellent viewing from Spike television on the DVR. Jon Taffer time and a new Bar Rescue.

Go, Donald, Go. You too, Megyn. And Carly: get ready for the big-leagues, it’s time for you, ma’am.

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