From 90+ On Sunday To Snow

This will be quick. I’m totally beat after a 19 hour day that started in Haiti and ended in Minneapolis. From sun and 90 to dark and snow. Truly a blessed day.

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It was my great honor to be part of a mission team that spent a week in Port-au-Prince. A week filled with miracles of healing, bonding, excitement, and spiritual warfare. I love each of those people more than my tired little brain can express right now.

Before I go to bed, I want to thank Russ and Dave, our leaders. Elisa, Gates, and Michael who made our trip special with their kindness and joy in our presence. Here’s our mission blog if you’d like to read what we wrote. I contributed a few days, but these folks can write, minister, and love with the best of them.

A special nod goes to our drivers and translators. God blessed us all with these men. They protected us from the utterly insane traffic (more on that later) and the dangers that accompany working in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the world. They were in competition with our beloved house staff for their kindness and outstanding food and service. Not a single member of Healing Haiti that we worked with was less than superb.

I love that place. I brought back a piece of it tonight, and left a big hunk of me behind, waiting for the next trip.

Pictures, stories, and more love to follow. But right now I stink and I have cuts and bruises to tend to before bed. Nothing major. Just some scrapes with the earth of a land I am growing to be a part of in this life.

God bless Haiti. God bless the United States of America. God bless you for reading my blog.

Now, time for a bar of Lava and some sleep.

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