Cooking Lessons Go ‘Round

The amazing rolls that Brenda made with my spice suggestions, all stolen from Gordon Ramsay and Robert Irvine? Yeah, baby, that was a learning lesson/teaching time/some other trite expression.

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I love to cook. There are enough photos on my phone to keep you drooling for months if I ever get to food blogging. As the oldest of 4 kids that spanned 5 years in birth dates, I figured out early on that helping mom in the kitchen meant eating sooner. That passion for food has continued to this day.

I rarely do a recipe. I might consult the food gods for ideas, but when I get to the stove anything goes. There have been a few notable failures along the way, but I’ve learned a lot of good tricks as well. Much as some of you will knock them, Robert Irvine and Gordon Ramsay have proven invaluable in teaching me tricks for preparing food on a large scale: that helps when feeding the homeless.

Some months ago I gifted Brenda with a batch of our infamous Mango/Rhubarb jam. She made rolls with it and told me that they didn’t have quite the oomph she wanted. I suggested cardamom. I like cardamom. I’d probably eat dirt if somebody… well, you get the point.

A few days later she made another batch and brought them to work. She added my other favorite, and also suggested spice, cayenne to the mix. Not just good, but spicy good. The perfect breakfast roll for my money.

The point? I’d never made breakfast rolls in my life. But I knew something about seasoning and combined with her baking skills we had a winner.

Do you go through life hoarding your insights, or do you share them with others? Is that knowledge just wasting away in your head, or are you spreading the joy to others.

I have found that sharing wisdom brings even more my way. People like to share what they know, and if you’re open to learning you will listen and gain more than you give. It brings peace and comfort in tough times as well. Talking about Jesus is like that for me. It’s not standing on a street corner handing out tracts, but it’s sharing the secret recipe ingredient with someone in the course of conversation.

This last week I was in to see the doctor about the joy of kidney stones. In the course of our conversation miracles came up. Don’t even remember how. But he shared with me an experience where the dead came back to life. He called it a miracle. Boom, door open. I shared my faith and how I’d seen miracles as well. Did I do anything for his belief? Did I convert him? Was he already a Christian? I have no answers to any of the above. But it was natural to talk about it with the man. I was pleased to have the chance.

When the conversation was done, I told him that I hoped he would see many more miracles in his practice of medicine. I hope he does.

Will you share an ingredient from your life? Will you share your faith? Remember: it doesn’t have to be on a street-corner with a tract, it can be in the kitchen with a pinch of pepper.

Be blessed.

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Cooking Lessons Go ‘Round — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve been standing here at the kitchen bar — where I often bring the laptop to work — and thinking of instances when, without any planning or maneuvering on my part, doors opened to talk about certain things: faith, grief, life in general. Those moments are golden, not to be missed.

    So, after reading your post, all I can say is this: “Ditto.”