Sponsorship Late Friday

It just doesn’t have the ring of Sponsorship Sunday, but I wanted to get this post out and let it be seen over the weekend.

Last year I made a missionary trip to Haiti that changed my life. I couldn’t go this year so we sponsored all the meals I’ve been talking about on the blog these past few months. But my heart was longing to go back to Haiti.

Wednesday someone asked me why Haiti? No words really convey the depth of my love for the people I met there, especially the good people of Healing Haiti. The video below really tells me that my heart was right – Jeff Gacek and the mission there are the best. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and prayerfully consider supporting the bakery initiative they talk about in the video. Please let them know where you saw this if you choose to support them, it lets me know these sponsorship messages are still having an impact.

Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend. (The link for the bakery is not yet up on their site, once it is I will add it to the blog.)

One final thing: if you’d be so kind as to click through the video to youtube.com it will help track the number of people who have watched the video. Many thanks.

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