I Bet A Cartoon Can Make You Cry Without A Single Drawing.

The power of imagination is startling. We layer item upon item in our mind until a base is formed for a concept, a personality, or a story. After a time, if we’re blessed, that becomes a vision of something that evokes feelings and a bit of love, or hate, in our hearts.

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Calvin and Hobbes has always been that way for me. From the first time I saw the comic strip I was an enthusiastic reader. I’m not going to post my favorite strip, nor will I put up a picture. Bill Watterson, the man behind Calvin And Hobbes, never licensed the images and would not approve. I have to respect that from an artist. I hope people don’t reprint my books without my permission (assuming they ever get printed, etc.)

When he packed it in almost two decades ago I was sad to see him go. But he went out at the peak, he said what he’d wanted to say, and he’d done it better than most in this life. Over the years I’ve seen “new” Calvin And Hobbes art – most of it vulgar, trite, and demeaning to the characters. Fan art often devolves in that fashion. Bill Watterson remained silent about the whole thing: he’s a recluse. By fighting it, suing people, or even engaging in the discussion, he’d have to come out and discuss his creation. He’s chosen not to do that. Cool.

This morning I was clicking through Facebook with my morning coffee close at hand – it’s taken the place of the morning paper for me. Right there, about five minutes into the day’s surfing, was a link that I almost ignored. The source made me ponder it: it was an old Navy friend who doesn’t post unless it’s pretty good stuff. So I clicked the link.

If you loved Calvin And Hobbes, you should click the link as well. Just make sure you have a few moments of privacy to do so, or you will have to explain to your children, your coworkers, or your spouse, why you are crying at the computer. It could be touchy. This is well written. It is an example of how to say a lot in a very few words.

My hat’s off to the writer, who is anonymous/hiding behind an avatar. I hope you’re a fan as well and can enjoy this post.

I’ll be back later this week. Take care, and don’t leave any tuna fish sandwiches sitting about – they attract tigers.

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