Peanut Butter Death Threats

There are few creatures in life more suspicious and cautious than animals that have been abused. Doesn’t matter if it’s physical or emotional, they’re not very trusting.

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Too many Hitchcock movies lately.

Too many Hitchcock movies lately.

Stormy has a … well, let’s call it a medical issue. Nothing major, but some antibiotics are in order for a week or two. There are two ways to give any dog their pills: ram it down their throat and really make them mad, or coat the pill in a blob of peanut butter and make them happy.

With normal dogs this works just fine. With paranoid dogs it lasts about 3 days before they spot the pill going into the peanut butter and decide you’re trying to kill them. I’m not sure if she checks her water for “Mickey’s” or not, but she sure doesn’t trust the peanut butter as of this morning.

She licked all the loose stuff off my finger and left the pills clinging like failed mountaineers on an ice sheet, liable to plummet to their death at any moment. I tried again and she looked at me like I’d finally lost it – nobody eats poison willingly.

So, modified/compromise method – stick peanut butter finger into mouth past the majority of the razor sharp fangs and smear pill and peanut butter off on molars. She had to swallow them at that point.

Any suggestions on what I do tonight? So far my lifetime approved method of getting meds in dogs has just failed. Doggone smart girl, that Stormy.

Wish me luck!

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