The Heart Of A Servant.

Every day of the year there are people out and about acting as the hands and feet of Christ. You may see them here and there in your travels, or you may find them invisible. But they are there around the clock.

Some are easily spotted, like the volunteer guides at the hospital. Many of the people who help you find rooms and laboratories are volunteers. They expect no pay except a smile. And they don’t even get that every time. They understand that people in time of sickness and injury need a steady hand at their elbow to navigate the corridors. Many of them will take the time to pray with you if you ask. They’d be delighted.

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Other volunteers are a bit trickier to spot. They are the ones who labor from their homes running websites, organizing phone banks, and registering other volunteers to do their duties. Some are wheelchair bound, some with mental health problems that prevent them from feeling comfortable face-to-face, and others are young or old people who just prefer to work from their home.

The group of volunteers who catch the orders for food, make sure the laundry is done, and organize the social activities in missions and group homes around the country have a special place in God’s heart. They work under often trying conditions to help others help themselves. Sometimes they are simply there to talk and counsel, other times they teach trades, and still other times they simply pray for the residents. But they are there around the clock in many cases to make sure that spiritual warfare is waged on behalf of those in need.

Some maintain rescue animal services. They provide for God’s creatures that have been cast out of their homes through no fault of their own. They make sure that the animals are well cared for and they seek new homes where love can flow again in the lives of the people and critters involved.

The final group (and there are many others, these are just the ones I thought of today) consists of missionaries. I know one man, Thomas, who is involved with Healing Haiti. Not only does Thomas spend significant time in Haiti each year, but he’s a cheerleader, mentor, and supporter of the mission teams that go down to that island nation to bring the love that is often missing in their lives. When the teams come back to the United States, Thomas is usually there to meet them with hot pizza, hugs, and thanks for their work over the past week. He’s the smiling face you see when you clear the security area and go to pick up your bags. The man with the pizza and the grin.

All of these people are Christ’s hands and feet. Please give some thought to what they do right now. Can you do something like this for your fellow man? Can you take a moment to pray for those who do? Will you step outside of your comfort zone and take a bit of the burden from their shoulders?

Be blessed.

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