NERD Alert.

I just spent an hour in nerd heaven because I’d stumbled upon a television show about the Apollo Navigation Computer.

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Yup. That passes for really rocking entertainment in my world. If you will give me a minute I’ll tell you why that sort of show on The Science Channel makes guys like me smile and jitter with anticipation.

I grew up during the Apollo years. I built little erector set models of the launch tower, ate Space Food Sticks, drank Tang and watched the launches. I never got blase about the program.

I marvel about once a week that my cell phone has more computer capability than the computer that they used on the spaceship. Boggles my mind. It’s so easy to take this stuff for granted – and such a tragedy that we do so.

What piece of technology still amazes you after all the years? And, more importantly, why does it amaze you?

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