My Head Might Explode Part MCLXVII.

I’m working on editing today and have the radio on in the background. The news had an item about Egypt. The White House Spokesperson just finished saying that *(and I paraphrase rather loosely)* we’re miffed that the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is under arrest. That’s not in accord with our human rights policies.

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REALLY! How about some indignation over the murder of Coptic Christians by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. A bit of outrage over the church burnings. Some ennui over the rape of young Christian girls so that they are “ruined” and must marry the Muslim man who did it and convert to Islam? (Google that one, it’ll blow your mind.) Gosh, even a bit of angst over the Christian Pastor being tortured in Iran over his faith would be kind of nice.

No. We (as a nation) are supposed to be upset that the group that gave birth to AlQaeda has found itself on the losing side of a crackdown in a country that speaks Arabic. I’m not even going to think about how to phrase this, I’m just going to run to the cliff’s edge and jump while screaming:

Barack Obama is the worst foreign policy president of my lifetime.

He just passed Jimmy Carter for the honors.

Before they can chime in, I’d just like to add – Shut up, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They haven’t been right yet in 2013 about anything in the Arab world and I don’t expect that string to break today.

That is all. Rant secured.

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