Clarification On Some Posts.

The time has come to clear up an issue that has dogged my writing here of late: my feelings on government.

It is my firm belief that the founders of this country would be appalled by the level of surveillance and intrusion that our government (local, state, and federal) employs against its own people.

I refer to domestic surveillance. Frankly, we can’t snoop and spy enough on anyone outside our borders. The more the merrier. But then keep your mouth shut about the results. Quit bragging about what a great job we’re doing in reading other people’s mail. They call it covert for a reason. Let’s keep it that way.

Inside our borders The Constitution prohibits searches without warrants. It’s that simple. Gathering data for future use and then going retro on the use of that data is not constitutional. Period.

I do not dislike cops, NSA employees, CIA employees, or any of the other government workers who keep people safe. I do resent the nonsense that we need to give all of the above the keys to our houses and invite unlawful search in the hopes that it will keep us “safer” if such a thing is even logical.

I’ve been a member of some of the above tribes in my lifetime. Proud of the work I did, proud of the people I worked with back then. I know that 99% of the people doing those jobs are great people today. The problem is the way they are being used and directed from above by politicians.

It is a very thin line that separates tyranny and freedom. Evil, and the pursuit of power for the sake of power, go hand in hand. Some will always crave that control over others for all the wrong reasons. We must at all times observe that line and not cross it willingly. If we see that we’ve stepped across it we’d better hop back and darken the line so we can see it more clearly the next time around. I fear we have crossed the line on a daily basis of late. Let’s hop back, get out the paint brush, and darken the line.

That is all.

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