Ha! Look Over There – A Flying Moon Robot!

That quote came from Jay Carney today as the White House continued its strategic campaign of leaks that damage national security (I may have misheard part of that, but it’s close). Today’s whopper, designed to show just how wonderful the National Security Agency is, and how they should be unfettered so that they can spy on us a bit more, is that they nailed down a conversation between Iman Zawahari and his pet monkey in Yemen.

This is part of the “Boy, we couldn’t do much in Benghazi but we sure learned some lessons and now we’re right on top of it” campaign that the White House has launched.

Two little problems with that whole scenario:

1. When you tell the world what a great job you did intercepting a specific conversation between two named individuals you kind of blow that as a resource for the next time around. Millions down the drain, source blown, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. The same thing as when Kid Kourage ran out to the stage and said, “I killed Osama! Ain’t that cool?” just hours after the raid. I’m sure there are still analysts who would like to strangle him for blowing that potential gold mine all to Hades and back.

2. Closing our embassies until the end of Ramadan sends a very clear signal to the swine (yeah, picked that term on purpose) in the terrorist world: You can scare us into running away. We are afraid of you. (This is truly a formidable thing to do on the heels of Benghazi where we just let our people die and we’ve not yet scooped up the culprits.)

I defy anyone with knowledge of SIGINT or the Arab world to tell me anything but that this is a totally failed administration in foreign policy. Any random 50 people from the first half of the Saint Paul phone book could do a better job.

I’m just disgusted with the whole mob. The cowards across the aisle on the Republican side of the house are almost as big a waste of space. They should be baying at the moon over this stuff, but they’re afraid they’ll look partisan.

Guys – that’s what the “Loyal Opposition” is supposed to do in this case.

Cinnamon Roll French Toast at the Daily Diner Frogtown. We needed something positive here.

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