Sunday morning coming down.

The view from the back of the van.

It rains in the jungle all the time. not always water, but nuts and leaves falling off trees, albino geckos falling out of the rafters in the dining hall, people’s electrolyte levels as the joy of. .. well, that malady, sets in.


it’s very quiet here in the dining facility right now. most of the people scattered around have a Bible open in front of them. these are serious people of God. Me?  I’m blogging and checking facebook. I love God but think this mission needs to be shared on social media.

Yesterday we visited Marla’s house. It’s a shelter for abused kids. God didn’t create, or merely allow, evil into this world, Lucifer did that when he rebelled. Lucifer has followers and advocates everywhere, and those that would sexually abuse another, adult or child, are clearly in the Devil’s camp.

I played catch with the kids using paddles with suction cups and a ball. I got an even better response when I stuck the paddles to my bald head (Hey, Santa knows his audience!) and waggled them around. I blew bubbles, I taught them how to use a yo-yo (the really little ones), made beaded bracelets, played a game in a big circle and was a human jungle gym for toddlers.

And that was the best. I sat on the ground making braclets with a little girl and another girl and a little boy joined. These abused kids trusted me enough to sit in my lap and relax. I think maybe that’s why God sent me here – to allow those kids to restore their trust in man. I’m honored to be here and given that role. Thank you, Jesus. I had fun.

(sorry about the typos, using a micro keyboard and trying to finish before the link goes down.

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