Hail, hail, the team’s all here. (in Belize)

KTIS & Northwestern College Mission team

Day three and the team photo is in the bag. It is an amazing group of people, listeners, staff, students. All believers. I asked for some of them to pray with me for a friend in trouble this morning – impromptu church service.

We are away in the jungle. Howler monkeys, jaguars, toucans and sweaty, pasty people from the far north. The food is basic but prepared with so much love you can taste it in every bite.

Crossing the river.

The conference delegates roll in in around 3 hours. We will be helping to cook, serve, cleanup, and do dishes as well as haul luggage to the rooms. I’ll get a photo of the rooms up here next, they are the first place i’ve ever slept with mosquito netting.

My beloved spouse is a few doors down in the girls cabin. I’m in with the boys…. eh, like the barracks without hangovers.

An amazing spirit pervades the place. the staff is friendly, the local people we’ve met are gentle.

Yesterday we went to a huge colony called Spanish Lookout. It was founded by the Mennonites 50 years ago. The change from the surrounding countryside to their area of influence is mind-bending. You go from shanties and rain forest to an area that could have been lifted out of Iowa or Wisconsin. The buildings are the same, the farms neat and tidy and the ice cream some of the best I’ve ever had (I recommend the Kiwi) anywhere.

The Mennonites carved this out and cut all the jungle themselves. We visited a small radio station that screamed love and efficiency. Basically two rooms but so well organized! Just 1/2 mile away was Isaac’s farm. He raises chickens. Evidently the Mennonites raise 90% of the chicken and beef in Belize. I hadn’t been in a poultry barn since I was 8 years old. I laughed until I almost cried when Isaac turned on the feeding trough. 3000 chickens dipped their heads in unison, raised them again and then dipped them. It was like a scene from “CHICKEN RUN” with real chickens.

Boooooooooooooom! I’m writing from the dining hall, and the perfume of garlic and spices just washed over me like a wave of happy. Delightful, it will be lasagna…just asked the cook.

More later. Love to all back in CONUS. Haven’t said that in 23 years. Feels strange.

Our huts

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