Facebook Civility.

I don’t “Facebook” much (yes, another instaverb, compliments of modern society) because it bores me. I’m a spectator in that realm. I don’t have much to say to most of my friends but I do enjoy keeping up with the stuff they do on occasion.

That may change. I’m seriously considering turning off the feeds for a number of them due to the vitriolic ranting about politics. It’s no secret that I’m a conservative. Proud of it, glad to claim it, living the life. It’s been my experience that conservatives usually have a sense of humor about themselves and take some kidding pretty well. We’re often the first to let ourselves know the boundary layer is approaching.

I honestly can’t say that for some of my liberal friends of late. I posted about anti-Semitic hate a while back and how disgusting I found it to be in it’s casual use on Facebook and other sites. Well, in light of the Planned Parenthood/Susan G. Komen controversy and the Obamacare/Catholic/religious freedom issues the past few weeks I’m feeling even more shocked at the level of hatred and vile behavior from my “friends.”

I’m flawed. We all are in some way. But the assumption that it’s acceptable to villainize people and ascribe evil intent because of their political and social framework is just wrong. I’ve been called more names (as a conservative Christian) in the last few weeks than I ever imagined. And I found out that I’m a racist and a homophobe as well. I’m going to have to turn myself in at church tomorrow and get right with God on that whole deal.

Why?  Because I honestly believe that abortion is murder of an infant. I believe that our constitution prohibits the government from imposing a healthcare system that forces you to participate. Because I believe that forcing anyone to violate their religious principles in pursuit of that unconstitutional mandate is criminal and would cause George Washington to take up arms against the current government if he were here today.

Do conservatives ever group people up and demean them?  Sure. That’s human nature, Us versus Them. But to  point out that the Occupy crowd is unwashed, lives in filth and need to get a job is more an observation than a condemnation. Saying that all liberals are miserable killers of babies and tormentors of puppies is just plain a lie. They aren’t. No more than conservatives all want to kill gays and … well, you get the point.

So, to my Facebook “friends” – dial it back. I want to hear about your kids, the trip you took to Cancun, the new job, the backache you had last night and the new car. I do not want to hear you tear down others and their political/social/religious beliefs in such a mean spirited and cruel way. Every time you start to post that drivel I’d like to have you take a moment and think about me. Unless what you’re writing can honestly be said to be true about me, don’t tar and feather a whole segment of the population with that brush. Put my face on your strawman and then revisit your post before you hit the button. It may just increase civility on the pages of Facebook.

If not, I’m sorry that I missed the invite to your 30th anniversary party or the kid’s play. But it hurts too much to read your hate filled posts about me and my kind every day.

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