Murph the protector.

Please forgive the typos, working on a micro keyboard while travelling.

Today I went to see Murph the Protector in Florida. My mom, who knew nothing of Lt. Michael Murphy went with me. For those who are with my mom on this, he was a Navy S.E.A.L. who was killed in Afghanistan. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during Operation Redwings.

Go see it. It’s a documentary about his life. It focuses on the man, not the fight that cost him his life. Men like this are so amazing. He was what I call a “Sheepdog” in some of my posts. Sheepdogs are the ones who protect the flock and take down the wolves that surround the sheep.

My mom described it as “inspiring.” I am so proud of men like this. I hope to be like that in my hour of testing. He was a good man, a guardian of the weak since he was a kid.

Take your children over the age of 14 to see it. If they can understand the basic concept of combat and won’t be freaked out it will teach them a lesson about how to live your life in a manner that God would approve. And the story has at least one miracle.

Are you a sheepdog? Do you care for the weak? Will you stand up, literally, in the face of fire for your fellow man?

Thank you to Michael Murphy and all those like him on the ramparts tonight.

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