Benghazi was attacked 6 months ago today.

I first posted the item below in October of 2012. I stand by it today. Nothing has changed. If anything, the absolute contempt for us that the White House has shown is even more profound and disgusting than what I originally saw. They think we’re serfs that need to be contained in our little ghetto and not let out where the intelligent people (them) would be bothered.

They’re just warming up. Keep an eye on the facts and you will see that Orwell wasn’t but a few decades off in his timeline.

The post is unedited from that day. We must continue to demand answers. We won’t get them but it will give us time to prepare. And two final thoughts – where are the 27 people evacuated from Libya that night, and why haven’t they been brought to testify in front of the American people? And to you, Mrs. Clinton, yes, it does matter. It matters a lot.

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This blog entry will be a controversial one. If you would like the perspective of someone who was once acknowledged to be an expert on the Middle East about what happened in Benghazi, please read on. It will open your eyes. If you do not want to know the truth about what the administration is doing, move on to next week’s entry on Wednesday and skip this one. This entry will be up for one week and one day. Right through the election. If you like what you see, repost this on Facebook, your blog, any social media and tweet the heck out of it. I know some of my fellow Arab linguist patriots are posting similar things in a variety of places today and throughout the week. This is not Republican versus Democrat. This is right and wrong.

29 years ago I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America as an enlisted man in the United States Navy. I hold that oath sacred. I still feel that obligation, and I am duty bound to honor my commitment.

In the Navy I served as a Cryptologic Technician Interpretive. I held a Top Secret SCI/SBI clearance and had access to a wide variety of intelligence sources and methods. I was an Arabic linguist, an intelligence collector and analyst for the Middle East North Africa area. I was one of those “real time” guys that Leon Panetta is telling lies about today. I was there, in person, on the very edge of the sword. Among other things, I spent a month cruising back and forth along the famous “Line of Death” exercising freedom of the seas. Our purpose was to take the first missile if Qadaffi came back out to sea after the attacks of 1986. We were bait. But I knew the fleet was over the horizon waiting to aid us if we were attacked. I was back again a year later with the U.S.S. Coral Sea when we almost went to war with Libya again. I’ve been there and done that other times as well.

I have not maintained my language at the same level, but I still speak pretty fair Arabic. I have followed that part of the world for the entire time I was in college at the University of Minnesota, serving in the Navy, and in all the years since. I thus have presented my bonafides of over 30 years’ study of the cultures, language, military forces, religious groups, terrorist groups, and the general political scene in that area.

I will not disclose classified information on this blog. You’d literally have to torture me (and most of my contemporaries) to get that information. But unlike the people who are still in the intelligence community and must obey the orders of those above them, or face prison time, I am no longer bound to be loyal to anything other than the Constitution of the United States of America. I have no knowledge of the current force posture in the area, nor what units of the military are presently engaged in overt or covert activity in the area.

With that in mind I can state, without reservation, doubt, or hesitation that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Leon Panetta have lied to the American public about the events in Benghazi. I know for a fact, not a supposition, that when that first message went out that the consulate was under attack it was given to the President within 10 minutes. I know this because I once had the authority and the burden of writing and verifying this kind of alert. There was no stopping it between me and the President once I pulled the trigger and the officer in charge of my detachment authorized it to go out. I would live or die by the results of that product and would face jail time if it was maliciously sent. It was an automatic wake up call to the President and the chain of command.

It also set in motion a series of events that would focus the might of the American military and intelligence communities on the fight in progress and the fate of the people on the ground in Benghazi. If Obama chose to ignore it or not take the message, the burden still falls on him. He would have gotten the message before the conclusion of the working day in Washington D.C. He was not awakened in the middle of the night with a message that might have been misinterpreted. This is inviolable fact.

This administration left those men in Libya to die. They abandoned Americans to a savage group of terrorists who attacked them for over 6 hours. They bravely held out hoping for the relief they deserved, and which was undoubtedly available, and killed dozens of the murderous thugs before they fell in defense of this nation. They were sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. Barack Obama did not want a major terrorist incident to be on the record just before the election.

Let me now segue to the fact that we undoubtedly could have responded militarily to the attack. Special Forces were available. Jets were available. Perhaps armed drones or AC-130 Spectre gunships. How do I know that? The administration itself has discussed some of it in testimony before congress. Some of it is open source. And some of it I have personal knowledge of. Sadly, the intelligence and military communities have been forced to leak the information because the President has chosen to lie about what happened. For the first time in my life I’m in favor of people leaking classified information. This is a constitutional crisis.

Would relief forces have made it in time? Possibly not. But we didn’t even try. Our people were ordered to stand down. This is the same as if you called the fire department about a grease fire in your kitchen, and they did not to respond because there was a chance your house would burn down anyway, and we shouldn’t risk any firefighters just in case. You and your family died and the neighbors watched and wondered if they’d get a better response when their time came.

In my time in the military I did some outrageous, dangerous, and “spooky” things. Things you will never know the details of in my lifetime. But I can honestly say that I never doubted for a single moment that if it hit the fan and my unit fell under attack President Reagan would send in the cavalry. No. Doubt. Whatsoever. This President has proven he does not uphold that commitment to the people who serve under him. He has lost the faith of his forces and abdicated his role as Commander in Chief. He is a disgrace, a liar, and a despicable blotch on the presidency.

If I had been on a ship, on shore, anywhere, and Americans needed my help I would have picked up the nearest gun and run toward the sound of the firing. That’s what our military does. There are contingency plans for almost everything. I used to help write them. And when there is no plan you rely on excellent training and equipment in the hands of rough men standing on the walls.

I was on 4-hour alert for a long time. I left my home, my wife, my freaking wet laundry in the basket to hop on a plane and go when the alert came in. There often was no destination, just “head that-a-way and be ready.” No brag, just fact. The military’s job is to kill people and break things. And when you attack our people the head of steam goes to full pressure immediately. We were ready to rock. I’m sure that hasn’t changed one bit today. Barack Obama chose not to aid Americans under attack. He had the option and didn’t exercise it in defense of our diplomatic and security people.

Our force posture is more inclined to make that kind of thing happen today than it was 30 years ago. We didn’t try this time and since he likes all the stuff that goes with the office, being Commander in Chief means you hold the bag when the firing is done.

Only a Coward would try to pin this on the military or the intelligence community. They cannot argue publicly. They cannot legally disclose the classified facts. They have to remain silent. They follow orders. The order clearly wasn’t given to do the right thing. And the next day, with smoke still curling from the ruins of the Benghazi complex, and Ambassador Steven’s body approaching room temperature, Barack Obama headed to Las Vegas to do a campaign stop. His reelection was more important to him than his job as President of the United States of America.

My disgust and contempt is even further deepened in that they stood there and played pious when the coffins came home. Joe Biden utters crude “just a guy” comments to the father of a dead hero. He’s not funny, he’s a disgrace. It’s quite possible that Mr. Biden is a worse blotch than Barack Obama. Biden is a proven liar and plagiarist. Merely Google why he left the presidential race in 1988 and you have all the answers you need concerning his veracity.

They sent Susan Rice out to lie to the television shows about a video causing the attack. Hogwash. This was no angry mob that decided to register mortars in advance just in case they lost control. Ask anyone who’s worked with artillery or mortar units about how that works in an urban area. That is something you plan well in advance. This was a coordinated attack on my country. Consulates and embassies are American Soil. This was no different than if they had come after New York. Remember 9-11? They obviously did, they timed this attack for that date to send us a message. The crowds write Allah Akbhar on the walls, not “we don’t like the video.” And the writing is in the blood of our slain ambassador. They cheer for the downfall of our nation.

Leon Panetta said that that we couldn’t send forces in without real time intelligence. Trust me; we knew exactly what was happening every second of that assault. He is lying. Obama chose not to support our people and let them die. I don’t know all the resources available, but it was undoubtedly an incredible stream of top rate intelligence, including an open line with the man in the security center in Benghazi. And drone footage. And you can bet your bottom dollar that every spook in the universe turned their gaze and ears upon that scene and watched and listened closely.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden all emphasized the terrible video and how we didn’t have anything to do with it. They even pressured local authorities to lock up the film maker until after the elections as a further cover-up to their story. Obama went to the United Nations and 6 times mentioned the “awful” video. Not once did he call for justice for an attack on American soil.

I have thought long and hard about writing this post. I cannot remain silent. Obama must go. He is disloyal to the people under him. The decision to respond had to come from him. Nobody else could have made that decision. If he gave the ball to someone else, he’s still responsible for the outcome. But he was packing for Vegas.

I will be candid in stating that I have been suspicious of his intentions since he entered the race 5 years ago. I do not like his policies. I do not like his performance in office. But I have remained silent so as not to alienate my readers and potential customers when I publish my books. But I could not look in the mirror tomorrow if I did not speak today.

This is not an indictment of him for anything else but Benghazi. And the horrible, putrid lies and cover-up that have followed. You must decide who to vote for next Tuesday. Don’t’ let your prejudice against Mitt Romney’s business past color your voting against Barack Obama. Do not buy into the media hype. They are complicit in this cover-up. Barack Obama is a man who abandoned American soil to terrorists. A man who lied about trying to rescue our people. A failed president who has continued to lie and avoid questions in the intervening 6 weeks. He is a man without integrity.

November 6th we need a new start in this country. If this is the last time you ever read a word that I write, it will still be worth it to me. I do not speak only for myself. Many of us who served in the intelligence world are furious about what has happened. The message sent around the world is that if you can surprise us you can walk away from it without swift punishment. Even if they managed to kill the man who pushed open the gate of that consulate tomorrow morning it would still embolden the people who wish to hurt our nation. We have had nothing but lies and dishonesty from our President. The terrorists know the truth and they are laughing at us.

Barack Obama has failed in his duty as President. Please vote Tuesday to remove him from the office he has shamed. Mitt Romney is not perfect, but he hasn’t abandoned the men and women below him to die on foreign soil while he attends a party.

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